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Shari grew up near Rochester in Millville, MN. She attended UMD, with big-city dreams but unbeknownst to her, life had other plans. She returned to the Rochester area after 5 years and began working at the Mayo Clinic. She met her husband, Piyush, at the Indian restaurant during a very embarrassing belly-dance performance! The rest, they say, is kismet. Piyush and Shari live in Rochester with their young son, Arjun, and two neurotic cats. Shari enjoys making memories with her little family and is always looking for a new adventure. She enjoys cooking, eating and introducing her opinionated toddler to different foods and cuisines. She's not one to discriminate, but does have a soft spot for a spicy Indian curry and a steaming cup of chai! You can see what Shari's cooking by following her on Instagram or find some of her recipes by visiting her (very neglected!) blog: Spiced Up Mom.

International Travel with a Toddler Made Easy

This past November my little family embarked on a big adventure half way across the world. And like most big adventures, the planning and logistics of travel with a toddler...