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A Foodie Weekend in Downtown Rochester MN

Downtown Rochester, MN, offers a variety of dining options for food enthusiasts. Here are several suggested options for a delicious foodie weekend of dining and discovering new flavors!  Choose an option from each category, OR eat breakfast all day.  The choice is yours!

This list is a representation of several — but not all — amazing restaurants in downtown Rochester MN.  For our entire list, please visit our Rochester downtown restaurant guide — Eat & Drink in Downtown Rochester MN.

Bebap Korean Inspired Eatery
Bebap Korean Inspired Eatery | photo by CHOOCHOO-ca-CHEW


Café Steam (3 Locations)

315 South Broadway Rochester // (507) 208-4160 (Broadway)

150 South Broadway Rochester // (507) 258-9060(Hilton Doubletree)

415 2nd Ave SW, Rochester // (507) 254-3383(Two Discovery Square)

Café Steam is a beloved coffeehouse with three locations tucked into various spots in the heart of downtown Rochester, MN.

Atmosphere: Café Steam boasts a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or catching up with friends. The interior features comfortable seating, exposed brick walls adorned with local artwork, and large windows that allow natural light to filter in, creating a warm and inviting space.

Specialty Coffee, Pastries, & Waffles: Coffee aficionados will delight in Café Steam’s commitment to serving high-quality, specialty coffee. The menu features a variety of espresso-based drinks, pour-overs, and cold brews, all crafted with precision and care by skilled baristas. Accompanying your coffee, you’ll find an enticing selection of gourmet pastries and baked goods and a menu of specialty waffles at the Two Discovery Square Location.

Bleu Duck Kitchen (Saturday Brunch)

14 Fourth Street SW, Rochester // (507) 258-4663

For brunch, head to The Bleu Duck Kitchen. This modern American restaurant offers creative dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Try their brunch specials like the Duck Confit Hash or the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes.

Innovative Menu: Bleu Duck Kitchen’s brunch menu showcases the restaurant’s commitment to creativity and quality. Expect to find a diverse array of dishes that blend classic brunch favorites with unexpected twists and unique flavor combinations. From savory to sweet, each item on the menu is carefully crafted to tantalize your taste buds and delight your senses.

Bleu Duck Kitchen offers an enticing selection of creative cocktails, mocktails, and specialty beverages. From classic brunch cocktails like mimosas and Bloody Marys to inventive concoctions featuring house-made syrups and fresh-squeezed juices, there’s something to suit every palate and preference.

Seasonal Ingredients: The chefs at Bleu Duck Kitchen prioritize using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients whenever possible. This commitment to freshness and sustainability is reflected in the vibrant flavors and vibrant colors of each dish. You can expect to taste the bounty of the region in every bite, from farm-fresh eggs and crisp vegetables to flavorful herbs and artisanal cheeses.


Mezza9 Cafe & Bakery

20 3rd St SW, Rochester // (507) 322-6127

Mezza9 Cafe & Bakery offers a fusion of flavors and artisanal delights. In addition to a European aesthetic and influence, customers can expect a bit of Asian flair too.

This charming cafe and bakery features a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for a cozy breakfast, brunch, or afternoon treat. The decor of Mezza9 Bakery & Cafe is cozy and beautiful.  Chandeliers hang in the main seating area and there are beautiful pink and teal velvet chairs at each dining table.  The center of attention, however, is the two pink floral walls, begging for a selfie or a group pic after a morning out with friends.

The drinks menu features several specialty coffee drinks using matcha. Matcha is a high-quality green tea ground into powdered form.  Instead of being steeped, matcha is whisked into water, coffee, or milk, and creates a smooth and frothy drink.  Some of Mezza9’s specialty matcha lattes include the classic Matcha Latte, Strawberry Milk Matcha Latte, and Cinnamon Dolce Latte.


Benedict’s Morning Heroes

10 East Center Street, Rochester (Skyway Level of the Hilton) // (507) 361-1208

Benedict’s Morning Heroes in downtown Rochester, MN, offers a unique and delicious twist on the classic breakfast favorite: Eggs Benedict. From classic versions featuring Canadian bacon and hollandaise sauce to creative renditions incorporating ingredients like smoked salmon, avocado, or crab cakes, there’s a Benedict option to suit every palate and preference.

In addition to their signature Eggs Benedict dishes, Benedict’s Morning Heroes also offers a diverse and creative breakfast menu featuring a variety of sweet and savory options. Whether you’re craving fluffy pancakes, decadent French toast, hearty omelets, or healthy grain bowls, you’ll find something to satisfy your appetite and tantalize your taste buds. But please, whatever you do…order the donuts.


Hollandberry Pannekoeken

214 N Broadway Ave, Rochester // (507) 322-6600

Hollandberry Pannekoeken offers a Dutch-inspired menu, specializing in a traditional dish called “pannekoeken.” These are large, thin pancakes that are more akin to crepes (but thicker and sturdier) than the fluffy pancakes commonly found in American breakfasts. They are typically served folded or rolled and can be filled or topped with a variety of sweet or savory ingredients.

Toppings include options like fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, or bananas, along with whipped cream, Nutella, or caramel sauce. Savory toppings include ham, cheese, mushrooms, or spinach, offering a more hearty and satisfying meal option.


130 5th St SW, Rochester // (507) 424-7800

Pasquale’s Neighborhood Pizzeria is a popular pizza destination in downtown Rochester, MN. With its warm and inviting atmosphere (looking a lot like a classic New York pizzeria), Pasquale’s welcomes guests to indulge in authentic New York-style pizza and Italian cuisine. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of hand-tossed pizzas topped with fresh ingredients and flavorful sauces, as well as classic Italian dishes such as pasta, calzones, and salads. Whether you’re craving a slice of cheesy pizza or a hearty plate of pasta, Pasquale’s has something to satisfy every appetite.

Beyond its delicious food, Pasquale’s promotes community and camaraderie, making it a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. The friendly staff and casual ambiance create a welcoming environment where guests can relax and enjoy a meal with friends and family.


Olde Brick House

19 1st Ave SW, Rochester // (507) 258-4607

Olde Brick House is a pub offering a cozy and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of an authentic Irish tavern. As you step inside, you’re greeted by warm wood accents, exposed brick walls, and soft lighting, creating a welcoming ambiance that invites guests to relax and unwind. Fun fact is that the tables, benches, and more were crafted in Ireland and shipped over to the restaurant for installation.

The menu at Olde Brick House features a variety of Irish and American comfort foods, including traditional Irish fare such as shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash, and fish and chips, alongside classic pub favorites like burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Pair your meal with a pint of Guinness or choose from their selection of craft beers, wines, and cocktails for the ultimate pub experience.


Mango Thai

318 Broadway Ave S, Rochester // (507) 288-2360

Mango Thai offers a vibrant taste of Thailand in downtown Rochester, MN. This charming restaurant offers Asian fusion cuisine featuring Thai dishes, sushi, chicken satay, and more.

From classic Pad Thai and fragrant Green Curry to adventurous options like Pineapple Fried Rice and spicy Tom Yum soup, Mango Thai ensures a memorable dining experience with its fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and warm hospitality.



507 (Pub)lic House

304 1st Ave SW, Rochester // (507) 206-3716

507 (Pub)lic House is a newer dining establishment (opened in late 2023) in the heart of downtown Rochester. 507 offers a lively atmosphere perfect for gathering with friends and family. The decor features sleek furnishings, exposed brick walls, and industrial accents, creating a trendy ambiance.

The menu at 507 (Pub)lic House features a diverse selection of pub fare. From gourmet burgers and hearty sandwiches to shareable appetizers and flavorful entrees, there’s something to satisfy every appetite. Pair your meal with a craft beer from their large selection of local and regional brews, or choose from their curated list of wines and cocktails for the perfect accompaniment to your dining experience.



Al Madina

101 N Broadway Ave, Rochester // (507) 206-4057

Almadina Restaurant is a popular dining destination located in Rochester, MN, known for its authentic Middle Eastern cuisine and warm hospitality. Situated in the heart of the city, Almadina offers guests a taste of traditional flavors from the Mediterranean and beyond, served in a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant’s ambiance is inviting, with cozy seating arrangements and décor elements that evoke the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East. From the moment guests step inside, they are greeted with the enticing aroma of spices and freshly prepared dishes, setting the stage for a memorable global cuisine experience.

Savor dishes such as Chicken Shawarma, Falafel, Ful, Gyro, Lamb Chops, and more! Don’t miss the delicious toum (garlic sauce). Al Madina is friendly to gluten-free and vegan diners.


Bleu Duck Kitchen

14 4th St SW, Rochester // (507) 258-4663

Bleu Duck Kitchen provides fine dining in a historic and charming building on the edge of downtown Rochester MN.  With linen service, coursed offerings, and a smart wine program, Bleu Duck Kitchen has earned the title of Rochester’s Best Restaurant since opening in August 2016. The restaurant’s ambiance can be described as refined, yet cozy and whimsical. The name Bleu Duck comes from a line in the movie Billy Madison and the paintings on the wall are recreations of famous paintings with the main character as a blue duck.  All artwork was painted by Chef Owner Erik Kleven’s daughter, Joely Kleven.

The dinner menu at Bleu Duck Kitchen is a showcase of innovative American cuisine with global influences, highlighting seasonal ingredients and inventive flavor combinations. Start your meal with a selection of creative appetizers, such as a Tuna Poke Bowl or Cauliflower Salad, before moving on to flavorful entrees like the Braised Short Rib or the Pan-Seared Sea Bass. The menu is small, yet varied.  Generally, you’ll have 5 selections for the first and second courses and up to 8 for the third course. The menu is hardly the same twice. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available, ensuring that everyone can find something to enjoy.

Pair your meal with a glass of wine from their carefully curated list, featuring both local and international varietals, or indulge in a craft cocktail expertly crafted by talented bartenders.



Thai Pop

4 3rd St SW, Rochester // (507) 226-8146

Spice up your dining experience with a visit to Thai Pop, where bold flavors and aromatic spices reign supreme. From tangy Tom Yum soup to savory Pad Thai noodles, each dish is a delightful explosion of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors. With its tropical and colorful ambiance, Thai Pop is the perfect spot to satisfy your craving for authentic Thai cuisine. Enjoy signature dishes such as Pad Phrik Gan Gai, and Coconut Brisket, and don’t miss the Sprouts on the Snacks + Bikes menu.

ThaiPop is an amazing flavor journey. As you enter the restaurant, you’re instantly transported to another world, where culture and food come together to delight your senses. Greenery surrounds you and the eye-catching Thai décor adds to the fun atmosphere of the space. Don’t forget to check out their signature drinks — and their mocktail menu too!



Our Paladar 

20 4th Street SE, Rochester // 507-206-0483

Nestled in the old train depot on 4th Street SE in downtown Rochester, Our Paladar brings Cuban heritage to its global cuisine in Minnesota. Step inside the Old Train depot and enjoy flavors combining Latina America and other international culinary highlights.

Our paladar references Chef Nick’s Cuban roots and the chef-run restaurants in Cuba in the 1990s.  These restaurants were run primarily out of the chef’s homes and the menu varied and was based on market availability. Our Paladar offers housemade specialties such as gnudi, focaccia, pasta, and seasonal dishes based on availability and as the menu says, “whim.”

Our Paladar was honored with the Best New Restaurant designation by the annual “Best Of” survey in Rochester, MN. See for yourself why this restaurant is worth the flavor journey!




332 Broadway Ave S, Rochester // (507) 258-4184

Marrow also had its start as a pop-up restaurant underneath the restaurant that is now Thai Pop.  After searching for a few years for permanent space, Chef Justin and Sarah Schwenker moved into their new home at the corner of Broadway and 4th Street SE.  Chef Justin calls his food rich and flavorful and a combination of familiar flavors and dishes but with a fresh take or approach.  Marrow is housed in the Kelley building — a 164-year-old structure that has housed a saloon, a medical practice, and a law practice.

The menu at Marrow is a celebration of locally sourced ingredients and inventive flavor combinations, with a focus on nose-to-tail dining and sustainable practices. Each dish is expertly crafted to highlight the natural flavors and textures of the ingredients, resulting in a dining experience that is as delicious as it is memorable. Start your meal with an array of creative appetizers, such as the Bone Marrow Toast or the Charcuterie Board, before moving on to mouthwatering entrees like the Braised Lamb Shank or the Seared Scallops.

Complement your meal with a selection from Marrow’s carefully curated wine list, featuring a variety of varietals from around the world, or indulge in a handcrafted cocktail from the bar. With its commitment to quality, creativity, and sustainability, Marrow offers a dining experience that is sure to impress even the most discerning of palates.



Pittsburgh Blue

10 E Center St, Rochester // (507) 361-2560

Pittsburgh Blue is a steakhouse offering an elevated dining experience with a focus on high-quality steaks and seafood. The restaurant boasts a stylish and contemporary atmosphere, with sleek decor, dim lighting, and attentive service.

The menu at Pittsburgh Blue features a variety of expertly aged steaks, hand-cut in-house and cooked to perfection on a custom-made 1100-degree broiler, ensuring a perfect sear and juicy, flavorful meat. From classic cuts like Filet Mignon and New York Strip to specialty selections like Bone-In Ribeye and Dry-Aged Porterhouse, there’s a steak to suit every preference and palate. Additionally, the menu offers a selection of fresh seafood options, including lobster tails, Alaskan king crab legs, and Atlantic salmon, as well as a variety of appetizers, salads, and sides to complement your meal.



Bebap Korean Eats

216 1st Ave SW, Rochester // (507) 358-3144

Elevate your dining experience with a visit to Bebap, where modern Korean cuisine meets downtown chic. Bebap is Rochester restauranteur, Sammi Loo’s, newest endeavor. She designed a menu full of dishes singing with color, flavor, and variety; a perfect addition to Rochester’s ever-diversifying food horizons. Then she designed a space to match.

BEBAP’s menu is seasonal, with recipes crafted for the late fall through winter, spring through summer, and late summer through early fall. Leading the pack of brothy, heart-warming recipes on the winter menu are dishes like kimchi-jjigae, a kimchi stew with pork belly and tofu, and galbitang, a hearty, nourishing soup made with beef short ribs. Pair your dinner choices with a refreshing Soju cocktail or Seoul take on the classic old-fashioned cocktail featuring Boricha (roasted barley tea).



30 3rd St SE, Rochester // (507) 216-9590

Terza is a vibrant Italian restaurant that effortlessly combines charm with modern dining. As you step in you’re greeted with the aroma of wood-fired pizzas, fresh pasta, and aromatic sauces simmering on the stove. The ambiance is chic yet cozy, with rustic accents and warm lighting creating the perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience.

At Terza, the menu is a journey through Italy’s culinary landscape. Chef Vincenzo Giangiordano creates classic favorites like Terza Lasagna and Spaghetti & Meatballs to inventive creations like truffle mushroom pizza and Shrimp Fra Diavolo, with many dishes featuring house-made fresh pasta. Pair your meal with a glass of fine wine from their extensive selection, and don’t forget to save room for indulgent desserts like tiramisu or gelato. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic date night or gathering with friends, Terza promises a global cuisine that will leave you delighted.



Redwood Room

300 1st Ave NW, Rochester // (507) 574-7431

The Redwood Room has long been a Rochester favorite for cozy, moody vibes. It has won “Most Romantic Ambiance” several times over the years, and this continues to hold true. As you enter The Redwood Room, you’re greeted by elegant decor characterized by rich wood finishes, soft lighting, and stylish furnishings, creating an ambiance that is both upscale and inviting. With the dark wood decor, low lighting, and live acoustic music, this is the place to go for a date night or dinner and drinks with friends.

The menu at The Redwood Room features a diverse selection of dishes inspired by contemporary American cuisine with global influences. Start your meal with an array of creative appetizers, such as Risotto Fritters or Bruschetta, before moving on to entrees like Dill Salmon, or Saffron Scallops with Shrimp Hash.



The Tap House 

10 3rd St SW, Rochester //  (507) 258-4017

The Tap House is a vibrant gastropub offering a lively atmosphere and a diverse selection of craft beers and elevated pub fare. In 2012, The Tap House opened as Rochester’s first and only craft beer bar.  The Tap House features exposed brick walls, rustic wood accents, and a bustling crowd of locals and visitors alike.

The menu at The Tap House features a variety of innovative pub fare with a modern twist. Nosh on gourmet burgers and artisanal sandwiches to hearty salads and flavorful appetizers

Of course, the star attraction at The Tap House is its extensive selection of craft beers on tap, featuring a rotating lineup of seasonal brews and local favorites from breweries across Minnesota and beyond. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or simply looking to discover something new, The Tap House offers a diverse array of options to suit every taste and preference.


The establishments below deserve your time and attention for the specialty offerings they bring to downtown Rochester MN!

This is Food Union

This is Food Union is a specialty food and cheese market by LeAnn Zubay.  The market offers cheese and charcuterie, chocolate, pasta, condiments, sauces, nuts, dried fruit, and so much more.  Check out their calendar of events to see if something special is happening while in downtown.

Carroll’s Corn

Carrol’s Corn is a popular gourmet popcorn shop located in the Kahler Hotel subway., The menu at Carrol’s Corn features both sweet and savory options, ranging from Butter and Caramel to adventurous flavors like Buffalo Ranch and Jalapeno Cheddar.

Chocolaterie Stam

Chocolaterie Stam is a gourmet chocolate shop located in the Galleria at University Square.  Preparing chocolate in the Dutch tradition, Chocolaterie Stam offers bonbons, truffles, specialty candy, chocolate-covered nuts, and more all in a variety of flavors.  Do NOT miss the gelato!

Fuzzy’s Italian Ice and Ice Cream

Fuzzy’s Italian Ice and Ice Cream offers a delightful range of desserts including soft serve ice cream, stuffed Italian cream, Italian Ice, bubble waffles, and milkshakes.

Bitter & Pour

Bitter & Pour,  located in the Merchant Exchange building on Historic 3rd Street, offers a cozy, intimate setting, and is often described as a speakeasy.  Bitter & Pour stands out for its cozy and stylish atmosphere, attention to detail in crafting cocktails, and an impressive selection of wines and craft beers.

Popus Gourmet Popcorn

Popus Gourmet Popcorn is a delightful shop for popcorn enthusiasts and snack lovers alike. Popus offers an assortment of handcrafted popcorn flavors that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

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