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Mama Ain’t Happy? 5 Easy Things I do to Change My Mood

Have you ever, as the saying goes, woke up on the wrong side of the bed? You feel grumpy or irritated but nothing in particular caused those feelings. Or maybe something did (like your dear husband who had an uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep while you were up every 2 hours tending to the teething baby. How he doesn’t hear the crying, I’ll never understand…).


Either way, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy. 

I don’t have any studies to back it up and I’m much too lazy to Google any, but I think that our moods and attitudes as mothers  (or primary caregiver) significantly impact our children’s attitudes as well. If I wake up with even an ounce of grumpiness, there’s no doubt my toddler will pick up on it. And I guarantee he’ll exploit it to the nth degree. It’s what toddlers do. 

But there’s some good news, Mama! Even if you’re having a “No-No-No Day” (coincidentally the name of one of my son’s favorite books) , it’s not too late to check your attitude and improve your mood.  

Here are 5 easy ways I improve my mood when I’m feeling a bit grizzly:

1: Grab My Favorite Mug and Fill Up.

Whether it be coffee, tea or that fancy wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere?!?!) , it doesn’t really matter.  The point is to take a moment for yourself and enjoy a nice beverage to improve your mood. If your kids are driving you crazy and won’t grant you 5 minutes of peace, turn on Daniel Tiger.  

It works every time. 

2: Light Some Candles.

Not only do candles evoke calmness and peace, but they also smell good.  I like to choose scents that make my house smell like I’ve actually had time to clean it. Lemon, pine and eucalyptus are some of my favorites. 

Essential oils are nice too.

3: Crank the Music and Dance Around.

Music always makes me feel better. When I’m feeling especially cranky I blast Hanson’s album “Middle of Nowhere.”  

Yes. I admit, I still like Hanson. And you better believe my toddler does too! There’s nothing cuter than watching a two year old dance around trying to sing, 

“Mmmbop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop”

Seriously.  You should try it. It’s hilarious. 

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4: Get Outdoors or Take a Walk.

I have a theory that fresh air cures any bad mood. Sometimes when I feel like I’ve reached the limit of my patience, I put the kids in the stroller and take a quick jaunt around the block. There’s so much beauty in nature and I almost always forget about my frustrations and let my mind be distracted. 

The stroller ride usually puts the baby to sleep, too. So that’s an added bonus!

5: Make Something.

Nearly nothing makes me happier than watching my son learn and create. Although I have very limited artistic abilities, art has always been something I appreciate and enjoy. Sometimes a few strokes of a paintbrush or a pan full of brownies (who says baking isn’t an art?!) is all it takes to turn my frown upside down. 

What are the things that help improve your mood when you’re feeling a bit frustrated or crabby?

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