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5 Budget Friendly Date Ideas for Spring

Spring is in the air. The birds are chirping; the trees are budding; the couples are dating. Speaking of, it’s time to take your date night to the next level with these local options for Spring dates. 

Pins Bowling (top floor of Scheels)

If you’re looking for a quick game experience but don’t have a lot of time or money, look no further than Pins Bowling located at the top of the 2nd floor of Scheels. Games are $2 per player. Even if you do a doubleheader, that will put your grand total for the 2 of you at around $8. It’s a steal (and a ton of fun). 

What you need to know: There is no place to sit so plan accordingly. Also, there are only 2 lanes with one bowler per lane, so this does not lend itself as well to double dates.  


Lime Scooters

Scootin’ Around Town | photo by Portia Tebandeke

If you and your significant other enjoy staying active, I highly recommend the Lime scooters or the Lime bike rentals for date night. They are 100% fun! We went on a scooter ride to celebrate our anniversary a few years ago. There are so many beautiful trails in Rochester that you just don’t see from your car. 

What you need to know: since scooters can get going fast, it’s recommended to protect your melon with a helmet. How to find the nearest scooters? Download the Lime Scooter app to find nearby scooters in downtown Rochester. Hint: there are usually a few located near Forager Brewery & restaurant.

Forager Patio Concerts

Forager Brewery | photo by Portia Tebandeke

Forager is an award-winning brewery in Rochester. Its vintage decor, abundant plants, and local artwork make this experience so much more than just a restaurant for date night. Not only that, but they also serve delicious beers and food. If you want to experience it without going all in for a full meal, go there for a drink and enjoy one of their patio concerts. 

What you need to know: The patio gets packed when there is live music outside — if you can, go early and snag a few seats to enjoy the evening.  Rochester Event Calendar | Forager Brewery


Take a Hike at Quarry Hill or Oxbow Park 

date night
Oxbow Park | photo by Portia Tebandeke

Both Quarry Hill and Oxbow Park have extensive hiking trails. Pack a picnic lunch, invite another couple, and enjoy a double date night hike and picnic. 

What you need to know: Be on the lookout for poison ivy and burrs. If you bring your furry friend along on the hike, make sure to pick up after them.


Library Enrichment Events

date night
Skyway to the Rochester Public Library | photo by Portia Tebandeke


Our local library is so much more than just a lending spot for books. It truly is a community center. Don’t believe me? Check out just a few of things to do on RPL’s calendar events for the month of May: Composting 101 class, Writing Group, Trans Parenting group, Crafts and Chat, and Board games to name a few. 

What you need to know: Check their website calendar for any date/time changes.  Upcoming Events | Rochester Public Library (librarymarket.com)



Looking for more to do?

Check the Rochester Local Event Calendar!

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