Small Business Saturday: Support Shops on 7th Street NW

Celebrate and support small businesses in Rochester by shopping locally this Small Business Saturday (November 26, the day after Black Friday). We love the businesses downtown, but we need to show the surrounding area JUST outside of the downtown business district some love too.

For this article, we’ve selected an area where you can walk to all the businesses if you choose to and this is in my opinion, probably the most diverse shopping district in Rochester. Not just in ethnicity, but also in the variety of products available!

Have you guessed where the location is? Drum roll please…

7th Street North West, between 13 Ave NW and 6th Ave NW.

You’ll find everything from Asian and Halal grocery, local breweries, East African eats, Mexican food, vegan food, a butcher shop, to a bike shop, plant shop, collectibles, books, and art in this little area, and it’s all walkable if you choose to walk!

Small Business Highlight

Rochester Cycling

Rochester Cycling | photo: Tiffany Alexandria
Rochester Cycling | photo: Tiffany Alexandria

Rochester cycling is a locally owned and operated bike shop that aims to help their customers incorporate cycling into their lifestyle and achieve their cycling goals. They are dedicated to providing the best-in-class bicycles, top-quality gear, experiential knowledge and active personal support!

Nile Restaurant & Café East African Cuisine

sport platter(with goat and rice) | Nile Restaurant & Café East African Cuisine | photo: Tiffany Alexandria

Easy to miss if you’re not paying attention, look for a sign on the wall and go in through the door next to it. Get the sport platter(with goat and rice), or kay kay, or jabaati wrap, you can walk it off later. The Somali tea is also delicious for cold weather, it’s spiced with cardamom and ginger, and it’s a must-have.

Taqueria El Sueño

puerco en chile verde, horchata, corn tortilla, chips, salsa molcajete, salsa guacamole | Taqueria El Sueño | photo: Tiffany Alexandria

Taqueria El Sueño offers a wide array of fresh food – puerco en chile verde, quesadilla chihuahua, chicken fajitas, enchiladas verdes(2), beef nachos, torta loca, 4 flautas and supreme burrito. They also have a salsa bar for you to make each dish your own!

Rootz of Inspiration

Rootz of Inspiration | photo: Tiffany Alexandria
Rootz of Inspiration | photo: Tiffany Alexandria

“The number one thing that complimented my life in a healthy way, allowed me to recover, and what sent me on a fulfilling path was… succulents!” – Jeremy, owner of Rootz of Inspiration. Yes, this is a shop full of succulents, plant pots, and the work of local artists, but it is also a studio for custom acrylic products! Because of Jeremy’s struggles in his “previous life”, Rootz of Inspiration hires specifically individuals with various types of disabilities and others in recovery from chemical dependency. Read the full story about Jeremy and how Rootz of Inspiration came to be here.

The Yellow Monkey

The Yellow Monkey | photo: Tiffany Alexandria
The Yellow Monkey | photo: Tiffany Alexandria

The Yellow Monkey is a donation-based shop selling repurposed furniture home goods and accessories. It’s more than a shop! The Yellow Monkey is a place for young adults with disabilities to work and learn new skills. If you’re looking for holiday decors or collectibles, this a great place to look.

Skinlab Piercing and Tattoo

Skinlab Piercing & Tattoo | photo: Tiffany Alexandria

Looking for something unique to ink? Skinlab provides a safe place that has a clean, sterile environment, a mom-friendly atmosphere, artist portfolios, single-use needles, and experienced, professional, and skilled artists and piercers. Their artists are chosen for their unique and personal art style, commitment, and dedication to their work!

Rochester Halal Market

Rochester Halal Market | photo: Tiffany Alexandria

This is where you will find fresh halal beef, chicken, goat, lamb, large variety of grains, sauces, and spices. Halal food is that which adheres to Islamic law, as defined in the Koran. Animals have to be alive and healthy, and slaughtered with a sharp instrument to ensure it’s humane. Learn more about Halal foods here.

Happy Body & Feet Massage

Maybe circle back to this one after all the shopping. Get a body massage or foot massage to treat yourself after a long day of supporting local small businesses!

Danny’s Pizza

What used to be $5 pizza is no longer a franchise, and is now AAPI owned, with Halal-friendly options on their menu. You’ll find some classics like Hawaiian or meat lovers on the menu, but you’ll also find unique pizza like “halal pepperoni” and “chicken tikka masala”! Danny’s pizza also offers chicken wings and dessert pizza.

Kinney Creek Brewery

Kinney Creek Brewery | photo: Tiffany Alexandria

We’re crossing the street to get to the first craft brewery in Rochester- Kinney Creek Brewery. Kinney Creek’s tap room is always flowing with 17 different beers on tap and 25 seltzers! There’s something for everyone at Kinney Creek.

Asian Food Store

Asian Food Store | photo: Tiffany Alexandria
Asian Food Store | photo: Tiffany Alexandria

Right next to Kinney Creek, you’ll find one of Rochester’s oldest Asian grocery store. Shop for unique candy and snacks, or ingredients to make a delicious feast. Asian food store has an impressive variety of rice and dried noodles. The owners are very helpful if you have any questions or if you need help, they’re always happy to give you a hand.

Ye Olde Butchershoppe

Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe| photo: Tiffany Alexandria
Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe| photo: Tiffany Alexandria

A few doors down from the Asian Food Store, get all your meat needs at Ye Olde Butchershoppe. Ye Olde Butchershoppe is the only butcher shop in Rochester. You can find cuts that are hard to find anywhere else here and they can also order certain cuts for you. This is where I often get my skin-on pork belly! The store is also stocked with sausages, brats, take-and-bake, wood chips, and BBQ-related items.

Old Abe Coffee Shop

Old Abe Coffee Shop | photo: Tiffany Alexandria

Don’t eat meat? Need a pick-me-up? Visit Old Abe Coffee Shop! Rochester’s only vegan food “restaurant”. Nested in a colorful little house, Old Abe Coffee shop offers delicious coffee, gourmet donuts, and a variety of Asian-inspired vegan eats like Korean BBQ bulgogi bowl, Banh Mi, and Springrito(giant burrito-like spring roll).

Garden Party Books

Garden Party Books | photo: Tiffany Alexandria
Garden Party Books | Tiffany Alexandria

Used books, stickers, cards, puzzles, art prints, candles, and an amazing mural, Garden Party Books has it all. If you’re into murder mystery, this is the bookstore to go to. Garden Party Books is also a relaxing space to wind down after a long day of shopping.

Gray Duck Theater

Gray Duck Theater | photo: Tiffany Alexandria

Gray Duck Theater is an independent theater and community space. They will be showing the 2022 FIFA World Cup on Saturday, November 26 at 10 AM and 1 PM!


Since you’re already in the area, here are some more places to check out one block down on 6th St NW!

Forager Brewery and Cafe – Delicious food and craft beer

Clover & Rose – arts and unique gifts

Jack’s Bottle Shop – Beer, local whiskey, craft cider to-go!

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  1. I love this! It’s great to see such diverse shops in an area of Rochester that’s also walkable! It reminds me of an event I used to go to in Kansas City, MO called Wanderfest. Shoppers would go to a neighborhood just outside of downtown and shop at the local vendors. Organizers of the event would provide you with a map and you would receive a stamp for each place you visited. They also used an open lot for a bonfire, local music, and food trucks. Prior to the pandemic, it usually took place in the fall or winter and was holiday themed. I would love to see something like this in Roch as well and this seems like the perfect spot!


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