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Why I Freaking Love my Mother-In-Law

Long before I was married or even before I met my spouse, I heard horror stories about “The Mother-In-Law”.  According to the entertainment industry, you are not expected to get along with, let alone freaking love the woman who raised your husband.  I have had some friends with The-Mother-In-Law-From-Hell!  I am beyond thrilled to say that my situation has been the complete opposite.

The following are 5 reasons why I FREAKING love my Mother-In-Law.

5. She loves to cook!
A fun afternoon to us is driving to Trader Joe’s with the sunroof open, picking up some sensational ingredients, and trying out fresh recipes (with some elaborate cocktail to pair.)  My relationship with food has not always been so normal, but I can say my cooking adventures with Kim have helped keep fear out of the kitchen.  This is something we truly enjoy doing together!

4. She loves to shop!
We do not share the same style but we share a love for TJ Maxx. We enjoy chatting over the wall of the fitting rooms and are both brutally honest when it comes to the question “Does this look nice/flattering/silly/event appropriate/etc…?”.  We’ve been known to disappear for hours on end, off on some crazy mission to find the best grey tights in town.  My love language is “Gift Receiving” and she has given me some pretty awesome hand me downs!

3. She is a fun and fabulous grandma!
Since we found out we were expecting our first, Kim has been excited and supportive.  I love the little traditions Riley has with his “Momb-ma”.  Sink-baths, garden swims and feeding the birdies, he beams when talk about going to Grandma’s House.

2. She raised her son to be a caring and loving husband and father.
I can only hope I can teach my son to be as considerate and devoted as my own husband. Kim is a “boy mom”, she knows how to get dirty but somewhere between dog poop on a stick, sports, and catching critters she was able to share skills with her boys that would lead them to be loving fathers and caring husbands.  I am confident that with Tyler’s help we will be so lucky to have a sweet boy that grows into a very good man.

1. She has made me feel loved and cared for like I am her own child.
Since the first time I met Kim, she has been nothing but engaging and sincere.  She holds an earnest interest in my life, will always share an honest opinion when asked for one and has never made me feel out of place for holding an opinion out of line with her own.

Why I Freaking Love my Mother-In-Law | Rochester MN Moms Blog

I have cried with her, laughed with her, disagreed with her, and have had so much fun with her.  When I married Tyler, I didn’t get “just” a Mother-In-Law, I received a dear friend and a second Mother.

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