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5 reasons to (learn to) LOVE mornings!

This post is in no way meant to discourage the snooze button lovers out there. But if I don’t beat my kids out of bed by at least an hour, I feel like I am playing catch up for the rest of the day. Admittedly, I’ve never been a late sleeper, but I think there’s great reward in rising early. Here’s why!


  1. Sunrise. (Try not to be annoyed.) There is nothing like being up when the sun comes up. It’s a powerful time of newness and possibility, not to mention one of great spiritual depth and connectedness to the earth. Everything looks better in the morning!  I especially love this on vacation. City views, mountains, and of course, gorgeous beaches are reason enough to jump out of bed early.5 Reasons (To learn To) Love Mornings | Rochester MN Moms Blog
  2. Exercise. I love the gym and working out. I also love seeing the #sunrise on a morning run (when its not -20). Go out on the deck and stretch, take the dog for a walk, or better yet, meet a friend for a walk/ run and then have coffee. Again, vacation  is a great time to work out early!5 Reasons (To learn To) Love Mornings | Rochester MN Moms Blog
  3. COFFEE. This sweet, magical brew has such a fascinating place in my daily life. While I rarely miss the caffeine should I skip a day, I always yearn for that fragrant, steaming mug in my hands. Actually, I just love a hot beverage, from lemon water to tea, the ritual of a warm drink feels like home.5 Reasons (To learn To) Love Mornings | Rochester MN Moms Blog
  4. “Beauty” regimen. Straight up-my hair and skin never look as good if I haven’t just showered. That’s may be strange to some people, but I rarely skip that part of my day. I’m a fan of a minimalist wardrobe to save time, but otherwise I don’t like to be rushed while getting ready.5 Reasons (To learn To) Love Mornings | Rochester MN Moms Blog
  5. Daily prep.  I love to do a quick reading or devotion in the morning, and I also use this time to catch up on anything that needs to be signed, filled out, or prepared for my kids’ day. And while I usually watch at the gym, I really feel disconnected without a good dose of local and world news.5 Reasons (To learn To) Love Mornings | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Every once in awhile I think, “Nah, not today…you should rest” but when I get up 30 minutes, or an hour later, I feel like I totally missed out.  I feel late, rushed, and robbed of the peace, beauty, and slowness that can come with my normal routine. If you want to love mornings more, give one or more of these points some time in your day. Even 15 minutes can be enough to make you feel like you’re ahead of everyone else, which can be pure gold for a mom!

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