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A Timed Shower & Cracked Oven: Our Hilarious Airbnb


We’ve all had an experience where what we think we’re getting is not ACTUALLY what we get. I am curious to know if you have had any “interesting, bad, Airbnb/Hotel stays” in the past that you may want to share!

Hoping this makes a few laugh, some will be grossed out and some will think nothing of it …or will they?

Our Bizarre AirBnb

For the last Holidays, we decided to stay at an Airbnb, it had been so long with COVID that we did something like this and we were traveling with the whole family meaning, dog, kiddo, hubby, and Moi!

I scored a cool flat in the subs near Montreal (where I am from). It had 5-star reviews, the owner was an Airbnb Superhost, and it pretty much looked like a great stay on paper.

We showed up to find that the place had an interesting smell to it, that the bathroom was clean… except for someone’s morning toothpaste and food (“yucky” as my son said) in the sink, and a crack on the oven. Oh la la what the heck dude?

Fast forward to bed. And well…the beds were as comfy as you would expect them to be when you were in college… Actually, that’s what the hubby called this Airbnb, it feels like I’m back in my college days picking up pieces here and there and knowing they should be better but meh, I would rather spend my money on something else.

Come morning time, I wanted to start the day well, so I decided to make a list of things I do like about this apartment. This place had a big backyard that was fenced, and the space was huge and very quiet.

I go to take my shower and well, I noticed a few more “issues.” Other people’s body hair, as we hadn’t been in the tub or shower yet. The corner shower caddy was outside the shower, which is minor but it had a bunch of things that clearly belong to other people.   I had an issue turning on the shower, turns out it is like when you go to a state park or a summer camp, you have a timed shower!! It turned off after a short amount of time. AH!! Looking on the bright side, the water pressure of the shower was awesome, and so was the warmth of the water.  And the time in between when the water shut off was long enough to wash your hair and then soap yourself up before having to rinse.

On the second morning walking up, it was the same all over again, except for the shower, now you could only get water for 30 seconds, ha!

I am aware that there are other issues in the world,  but I also know that it’s kind of frustrating to have to deal with these issues when you deal with someone who was rated 5 stars!

What’s your weirdest Airbnb story?

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