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Day Trip: Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo

New Nature Center opened to the public in May 2023.

Last updated June 2023

Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo

Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo has a brand new Nature Center and is an excellent place to spend a day exploring! Nestled in a valley just northwest of Rochester on the Zumbro River, the scenery is peaceful and beautiful. Imaginations can flourish at both the Zoo and the Playscape as well as the hiking trails. It is hard to decide where to go first, to see the animals, or to play at the park. Let’s start with the park…


The Playscape is not a typical playground. It is named The Path of Imagination and it is easy to see why when you get there. Think of it like a Children’s or Science Museum exhibit hall but outdoors in this wide-open green space with room to run, climb, slide, and tunnel around as you explore the natural environment around you. This is easily my absolute favorite Rochester area park!


natural playscape

There are picnic tables conveniently located underneath the shade of the trees so you can sit back and watch your kids explore the world with the creative additions the park has to offer. My 3-year-old’s favorite spot in this area is the sandbox- but it is not just any sandbox. It is a Geo-Dig! The huge sandpit is full of toy trucks, shovels, and picks so that kids can find fossils and unique mineral formations that have been hidden in the sand. Your little future archeologist will love it!


Visiting the snowy owl

There is also a pond with a bridge where tadpoles live and grow. The sound of croaking frogs and toads can be heard from the other end of the park. Your youngsters have the freedom to get up close and personal with these creatures to discover where their natural habitat is and how they live and grow.

bridge over pond

When it is time to head to the Zoo be sure to stop through the Nature Center where you will get to see other animals such as snakes, turtles, and fish. You’ll be able to get maps and other flyers about upcoming events, programs, or unique information about the history of the zoo or the animals. The nature center is open to the public daily, 10 am – 4 pm.

The original nature center was built in 1981. The new nature center is officially open as of May 2023! The new center has the space and capability to deliver the right programming needs to the community. It is amazing and you will think so too!

oxbow park

The Zollman Zoo houses only animals that are native to Minnesota and most of the animals in the zoo have injuries that prevent them from being released. At the heart of the zoo’s history is Dr. Paul Zollman, the zoo’s namesake. He was dedicated to Olmsted County Parks and had a strong belief in providing the community with environmental education as well as protecting and caring for wildlife.*

children at zoo

They offer classes and programming to help foster a love for the natural world and inspire people of all ages to care for our environment in this quaint country zoo. Here is a picture from a recent ‘Feed the Bear’ class field trip. The naturalist taught the kids all about the black bear, where it lives, how it hibernates, and what it eats. Then they got to watch her actually feed the bear which was exciting!

children at zoo

Besides the Zoo and the Playscape, Oxbow also has campgrounds. The campsites are semi-primitive and have bathrooms and running water. Hiking trails also surround the area and take you into the woods and around the Zumbro River. Oxbow Park has approximately 8 miles of trails that weave through undeveloped prairies and wooded hills. There is truly something here for any outdoorsy adventure.

oxbow park nature center
Part of the new Nature Center at Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo.

So, pack a nice big old-fashioned style picnic, water bottles, good hiking shoes, and a stroller if you have small children, and enjoy one of Rochester’s best outdoor family day trips. Don’t forget your camera to capture all the memories you will make.

Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo
Located in Byron, MN: 5731 County Road 105 NW
Zoo hours: 10 am to 4 pm
Park hours: 5 am to 10 pm
Camping is open from May 5th to October 21st, 2023 – registration for 2023 can be found here.

*Information sourced from the Olmsted County Parks website.

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