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Sterling Home & Toys: Your Games, Toys, and Creativity Destination

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When was the last time you drove west on I-90 to Austin? Maybe you’ve been to the SPAM Museum, but have you visited Sterling Pharmacy? Specifically, Sterling Home & Toys located inside of Sterling Pharmacy? It’s our new favorite — read on to discover why.

Sterling Home & Toys stands out as a wonderful shopping destination for anyone living or visiting SE Minnesota. It’s definitely worth your while to make the journey to explore! While it boasts a diverse array of offerings for your entire home, one section that will capture visitors of all ages is its incredible toy department. The toy section is vast and filled with bright colors, beautiful displays, and a broad selection of toys for kids (and adults!) with all kinds of interests.

Sterling Home & Toys is more than just toys. You’ll find art supplies, games, puzzles, stationery, gift wrap, nursery decor, baby items, and more.  Browsing the aisles is so much fun. On a recent trip, we discovered several new-to-us brands and toys. We think it’s a great trip to make — don’t forget to stop at the Coffee Bar for a sweet treat, Italian Soda or coffee while you browse!

One of the defining features of the toy section is its commitment to quality and diversity. You won’t find mass-produced, generic toys here. Instead, the shelves are filled with carefully curated selections that prioritize creativity, education, and fun. Whether you’re looking for the latest in toy innovations, builder sets, intricate puzzles, your family’s next favorite game, or that perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion or milestone Sterling Home & Toys has you covered. BONUS:  Sterling Home & Toys is a one-stop shop for gift-giving.  Its gift wrap and gift bag selection is large and fun. No more worrying about wrapping!

Do not miss the expansive Playmobil collection. From themed sets based on popular movies and TV shows to make-believe sets to suit any interest, there’s a Playmobil set for every interest and skill level. The vibrant display of PlayMobil in all shapes and sizes is enough to spark the imagination of even the most seasoned builders.

Sterling Home & Toys offers a wide range of educational toys and games if you prefer toys that stimulate the mind. From STEM kits that teach robotics and coding to interactive science experiments that make learning fun, these toys not only entertain but also inspire a love for learning. Browse through a selection of toys that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity (a win-win for parents and caregivers!).

It’s not just about the latest trends and innovations; Sterling Home & Toys also pays homage to timeless classics that have captivated generations. We were impressed to find nostalgic favorites like wooden trains, plush teddy bears, and classic board games like Sorry, Monopoly, and Trouble. These toys provided a trip down memory lane for us — we picked up more than one board game we loved as kids.

Here are four areas that stood out for us at Sterling Home & Toys.

Arts, Crafts, + Creativity

sterling toys
sterling toys
sterling toys

We visited Sterling Home & Toys with our little artist, she never goes anywhere without a sketchbook and pencil in hand.  The Arts, Crafts, and Creativity section held her attention for nearly 20 minutes as she combed through the supplies, newly discovered art kits, creative activities, and more.  The adults in the group may have gone home with a few new things for their desks as well.

sterling toys
sterling toys
sterling toys

Games, Puzzles, and More Games!

Just one area of the games and puzzle section at Sterling Home & Toys!


The games section at Sterling Home & Toys was truly impressive.  There were so many new-to-us games, puzzles, and more — it was hard to limit ourselves to just one new choice (so we didn’t, ha!). We happened to visit on a day when several games and puzzles were on sale.  Come to find out, Sterling Home and Toys features sales extraordinarily frequently.  If you sign up for their texts or emails, you’ll know what’s on sale and when!

sterling toys


These cute puzzles were new to us!



What we love best about the book selection at Sterling Home & Toys is that every book we picked up was a winner.  It was book after book that we wanted to take home. This kept the kids with us engaged and excited, finding a spot on the ground to explore a new favorite.  We found some new-to-us titles as well!


If the above selection wasn’t enough, located inside Sterling Home & Toys is a bright, clean, safe children’s play area complete with enclosed climbing space and slide.  This is such an incredible value add to the space and shows the commitment to the shopper and their experience. We were blown away by the care shown to provide such a great spot to play with their kids!

What sets Sterling Home & Toys apart is its commitment to providing an excellent shopping experience. The knowledgeable staff are passionate about toys and are always ready to assist customers in finding the perfect toy for any occasion. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift, a holiday surprise, or just something to brighten a child’s day, you can trust that Sterling Home & Toys experts will guide you to the ideal choice.

Sterling Home & Toys is worth the drive. With its diverse selection, commitment to quality, and dedication to fostering creativity and learning, it makes a great day trip when you need a special gift or to celebrate with something fun and new. Whether you’re young or young at heart, a visit to Sterling Home & Toys will provide all kinds of opportunities for fun and memory-making.

If you need more reasons to make the drive, check out our post about the other departments at Sterling Home & Toys!


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